1. Arcane Insight

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Draw 3 cards from the deck, add 2 to hand, and discard 1.

    • Description: Enhances card options, offering strategic flexibility.

  2. Gale Force

    • Cost: 2 Mana

    • Effect: Push an enemy Guardian to a different slot.

    • Description: Disrupts enemy formation, offering tactical advantage.

  3. Zephyr's Grace

    • Cost: 2 Mana

    • Effect: Give a Guardian the ability to dodge the next attack.

    • Description: Enhances a Guardian's evasion, avoiding the next incoming attack.

  4. Whirlwind

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Shuffle all Guardians on the board.

    • Description: Randomizes the positions of all Guardians, altering the battlefield.

  5. Airborne

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Make a Guardian immune to ground-based attacks.

    • Description: Grants immunity to a Guardian against attacks from ground-based enemies.

  6. Wind Barrier

    • Cost: 2 Mana

    • Effect: Reduce incoming damage to a Guardian.

    • Description: Decreases damage taken by a Guardian, enhancing its durability.

  7. Cyclone

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Deal damage to random enemy Guardians.

    • Description: Inflicts damage to multiple enemies in an unpredictable pattern.

  8. Breath of Life

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Heal all your Guardians slightly.

    • Description: Provides minor healing to all friendly Guardians on the board.

  9. Tempest

    • Cost: 5 Mana

    • Effect: Increase the attack of all flying Guardians.

    • Description: Boosts the offensive capability of all flying Guardians.

  10. Skyward Lift

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Temporarily remove a Guardian from the board.

    • Description: Removes a Guardian from play temporarily, evading danger or setting up tactics.

  11. Stormfront

    • Cost: 5 Mana

    • Effect: Deal damage and stun an enemy Guardian.

    • Description: Inflicts damage and stuns an enemy, disrupting their next action.

  12. Cloud Cover

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Hide your Guardians from the opponent for one turn.

    • Description: Conceals your Guardians, making them difficult to target.

  13. Sudden Gust

    • Cost: 2 Mana

    • Effect: Interrupt an opponent's attack.

    • Description: Halts an enemy's attack, providing a defensive maneuver.

  14. Mist Mirage

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Create an illusory duplicate of a Guardian.

    • Description: Generates a decoy Guardian, confusing the opponent.

  15. Skyfall

    • Cost: 5 Mana

    • Effect: Drop a Guardian onto the board, dealing damage to adjacent enemies.

    • Description: Deploys a Guardian with impact, damaging nearby enemies.

  16. Wind's Whisper

    • Cost: 2 Mana

    • Effect: Reveal the top card of the opponent's deck.

    • Description: Offers strategic insight into the opponent's next potential move.

  17. Aerial Superiority

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Boost the attack of Guardians with flying ability.

    • Description: Enhances the attack power of flying Guardians.

  18. Vortex

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Pull an enemy Guardian to a different slot.

    • Description: Relocates an enemy Guardian, disrupting their formation.

  19. Air Shield

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Protect a Guardian from the next two spells or abilities.

    • Description: Shields a Guardian from the next two enemy spells or abilities.

  20. Eagle's Eye

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Increase the accuracy of your Guardians' attacks.

    • Description: Improves the precision of your Guardians' attacks, ensuring they hit their mark.

  21. Wind's Grace

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Increases evasion of adjacent Air Faction cards by 15%. 10% for Light Alliance.

    • Description: Enhances the dodging ability of nearby Air Faction cards, making them harder to hit.

  22. Zephyr's Blessing

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Adjacent Air Faction cards gain 2 attack speed boost. 1 for Light Alliance.

    • Description: Accelerates the attack speed of nearby Air Faction cards, allowing for quicker strikes.

  23. Gale Force

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Boosts attack of adjacent Air Faction cards by 3. 2 for Light Alliance.

    • Description: Increases the attack power of nearby Air Faction cards, enhancing their offensive capability.

  24. Skyward Protection

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Adjacent Air Faction cards gain immunity to ground-based attacks for 2 turns. 1 turn for Light Alliance.

    • Description: Grants nearby Air Faction cards immunity to attacks from ground-based enemies for a limited time.

  25. Storm's Fury

    • Cost: 5 Mana

    • Effect: Adjacent Air Faction cards deal 2 additional damage on critical hits. 1 for Light Alliance.

    • Description: Empowers nearby Air Faction cards to inflict extra damage on critical strikes.

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