1. Firestorm

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Inflicts 2 damage to the opponent's life points for every turn this card is on the field.

    • Description: Continuously damages the opponent, increasing in intensity with each turn.

  2. Inferno

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Deal damage to all enemy Guardians.

    • Description: Unleashes a wave of fire, damaging all enemies on the board.

  3. Flameheart

    • Cost: 2 Mana

    • Effect: Boost a Guardian's attack for one turn.

    • Description: Temporarily enhances a Guardian's offensive capabilities.

  4. Scorch

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Permanently reduce an enemy Guardian's HP.

    • Description: Weakens an enemy Guardian, reducing its survivability.

  5. Pyroclasm

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Deal damage to enemy Guardians in a line.

    • Description: Targets and damages enemies in a straight path.

  6. Blaze Armor

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Grant a Guardian immunity to the next damage.

    • Description: Shields a Guardian from the next incoming attack.

  7. Wildfire

    • Cost: 5 Mana

    • Effect: Spread damage over time to adjacent enemy Guardians.

    • Description: Causes continuous damage to nearby enemies.

  8. Molten Core

    • Cost: 6 Mana

    • Effect: Sacrifice a Guardian to deal massive damage.

    • Description: Trades a Guardian for a powerful offensive strike.

  9. Cinder Cloak

    • Cost: 2 Mana

    • Effect: Hide a Guardian in a cloak of flames, deterring attacks.

    • Description: Conceals a Guardian, making it less likely to be targeted.

  10. Phoenix Rebirth

    • Cost: 5 Mana

    • Effect: Resurrect a Guardian with half HP.

    • Description: Brings a fallen Guardian back into the fray.

  11. Ember Strike

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Deal quick, moderate damage to a single enemy Guardian.

    • Description: Delivers a swift and powerful attack to one enemy.

  12. Lava Flow

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Create a path that damages any enemy Guardian that crosses it.

    • Description: Forms a hazardous trail, damaging enemies that pass through.

  13. Flame Whirl

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Spin and deal damage to adjacent enemies.

    • Description: Attacks nearby enemies with a fiery spin.

  14. Solar Flare

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Blind and weaken enemy Guardians for one turn.

    • Description: Disorients enemies, reducing their effectiveness.

  15. Volcanic Eruption

    • Cost: 5 Mana

    • Effect: Cause a random area of the board to erupt, dealing damage.

    • Description: Randomly targets an area for a destructive volcanic blast.

  16. Heatwave

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Increase the attack of all your Guardians for a short duration.

    • Description: Temporarily enhances the attack power of all your Guardians.

  17. Burning Vengeance

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: When a Guardian is destroyed, deal damage to the enemy player.

    • Description: Retaliates against the enemy player upon a Guardian's defeat.

  18. Flare Up

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Temporarily double a Guardian's attack power.

    • Description: Significantly boosts a Guardian's attack for a brief period.

  19. Ashen Trail

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Leave a trail that damages enemies over time.

    • Description: Creates a damaging path, harming enemies that linger on it.

  20. Dragon's Breath

    • Cost: 6 Mana

    • Effect: Unleash a powerful attack on a single target, causing significant damage.

    • Description: Targets and devastates a single enemy with a mighty blast.

  21. Inferno Link

    • Cost: 2 Mana

    • Effect: Adjacent Fire Faction cards gain 2 burn damage on attack. 1 for Dark Alliance.

    • Description: Enhances the attack of nearby Fire Faction cards with additional burn damage.

  22. Blazing Spirit

    • Cost: 2 Mana

    • Effect: Boosts attack of adjacent Fire Faction cards by 3. 2 for Dark Alliance.

    • Description: Increases the attack power of nearby Fire Faction cards.

  23. Flame Guard

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Provides fire resistance to adjacent Fire Faction cards, reducing fire damage by 2. 1 reduction for Dark Alliance.

    • Description: Shields nearby Fire Faction cards from fire-based attacks.

  24. Pyrokinetic Surge

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Adjacent Fire Faction cards gain a 15% chance to double attack. 10% chance for Dark Alliance.

    • Description: Gives nearby Fire Faction cards a chance to attack twice in a turn.

  25. Ember Shield

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Reduces magic damage taken by adjacent Fire Faction cards by 2. 1 reduction for Dark Alliance.

    • Description: Protects nearby Fire Faction cards from magical attacks.

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