1. On play, deal 1 damage to any target. It is frozen for 1 turn

  2. Armor 2, Death: Draw a card

  3. Action: Destroy all your allied minion's armor, they gain the same amount of attack

  4. Armor 1, On play, search your deck for a relic, add it to your hand

  5. Armor 4, When this catenian has no more armor, gain +4 attack

  6. Armor 2, Death: The opponent discards a random card.

  7. Armor 2, Death: Draw a card

  8. On play, damage all minions by 1. Action: Freeze a damaged minion until your next turn

  9. Armor 2, Freezing touch (when a character is damaged, it is frozen for 2 turns)

  10. Armor 2, Has +3 attack when equipping a relic

  11. On Play: Destroy a relic or give a character +3 armor

  12. When attacking, receives no damage.

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