1. Aegis Shield

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Provides a 2-turn shield, protecting from opponent's attacks.

    • Description: Shields a champion from incoming attacks for two turns, enhancing defense.

  2. Healing Light

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Restores HP to a champion.

    • Description: Heals a champion, aiding in its survival on the board.

  3. Radiance

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Boosts the attack of all your champions for one turn.

    • Description: Temporarily enhances the offensive power of all your champions.

  4. Purify

    • Cost: 2 Mana

    • Effect: Removes all negative effects from a champion.

    • Description: Cleanses a champion of any debuffs or negative conditions.

  5. Divine Shield

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Makes a champion immune to the next attack or spell.

    • Description: Provides a one-time shield against any form of attack or spell.

  6. Beacon of Hope

    • Cost: 5 Mana

    • Effect: Prevents all champions from being destroyed by a spell or effect for one turn.

    • Description: Shields all champions from destruction due to spells or effects.

  7. Blinding Light

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Stuns an enemy champion for one turn.

    • Description: Temporarily incapacitates an enemy champion, preventing its action.

  8. Guardian Angel

    • Cost: 6 Mana

    • Effect: Resurrect a champion with reduced HP.

    • Description: Brings a fallen champion back to the board with a portion of its HP.

  9. Light's Guidance

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Reveals an opponent's hand for one turn.

    • Description: Grants insight into the opponent's hand, revealing their potential moves.

  10. Sacred Bond

    • Cost: 5 Mana

    • Effect: Links two champions' HP together.

    • Description: Connects the HP of two champions, sharing damage and healing effects.

  11. Aura of Peace

    • Cost: 6 Mana

    • Effect: Prevents all combat damage for one turn.

    • Description: Creates a temporary truce, halting all combat damage for a turn.

  12. Celestial Strike

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Deal damage to an enemy Guardian based on its HP.

    • Description: Inflicts damage proportionate to the enemy Guardian's health.

  13. Divine Intervention

    • Cost: 5 Mana

    • Effect: Cancel an opponent's attack or spell.

    • Description: Intervenes to nullify an enemy's attack or spell, protecting your champions.

  14. Harmony

    • Cost: 5 Mana

    • Effect: Equalize the HP of all Guardians on the field.

    • Description: Balances the health points of all Guardians, creating parity on the battlefield.

  15. Luminous Barrier

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Create a barrier that blocks the next two attacks.

    • Description: Erects a protective barrier to shield a Guardian from two incoming attacks.

  16. Seraph's Touch

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Heal all friendly Guardians for a small amount.

    • Description: Provides healing to all allied Guardians, restoring their vitality.

  17. Sunburst

    • Cost: 5 Mana

    • Effect: Deal damage to all enemy Guardians.

    • Description: Unleashes a burst of light, damaging all enemies on the board.

  18. Blessing of Light

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Increase a Guardian's attack and HP temporarily.

    • Description: Temporarily enhances a Guardian's combat capabilities and resilience.

  19. Halo of Safety

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Protect a Guardian from being targeted for one turn.

    • Description: Conceals a Guardian, making it immune to targeting for a turn.

  20. Divine Ascension

    • Cost: 6 Mana

    • Effect: Transform a Guardian, enhancing its abilities.

    • Description: Transforms a Guardian, significantly boosting its powers and abilities.

  21. Radiant Unity

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Adjacent Light Faction cards gain 2 damage reflection. 1 for Light Alliance.

    • Description: Grants nearby Light Faction cards the ability to reflect damage back to attackers.

  22. Luminous Barrier

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Provides a shield absorbing 3 damage to adjacent Light Faction cards. 2 for Light Alliance.

    • Description: Shields adjacent Light Faction cards, absorbing a portion of incoming damage.

  23. Divine Empowerment

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Boosts attack of adjacent Light Faction cards by 3. 2 for Light Alliance.

    • Description: Empowers nearby Light Faction cards, significantly increasing their attack power.

  24. Beacon of Hope

    • Cost: 5 Mana

    • Effect: Adjacent Light Faction cards are immune to debuffs for 2 turns. 1 turn for Light Alliance.

    • Description: Protects nearby Light Faction cards from any debuffs for a limited duration.

  25. Sacred Bond

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Links HP of adjacent Light Faction cards, sharing damage taken. Light Alliance shares 50% of damage.

    • Description: Binds the health of adjacent Light Faction cards, distributing damage among them.

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