1. Eternal Return

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Resurrect this card on the following turn until the end of the player's turn.

    • Description: Brings the card back to life temporarily after being sent to the graveyard.

  2. Nature's Call

    • Cost: 2 Mana

    • Effect: Summon a minor Guardian.

    • Description: Calls forth a lesser Guardian to aid in battle.

  3. Beastial Fury

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Increase a Guardian's attack based on the number of Guardians you control.

    • Description: Enhances a Guardian's attack power in proportion to your total Guardians.

  4. Forest's Embrace

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Heal all your Guardians each turn.

    • Description: Gradually restores health to all your Guardians.

  5. Primal Roar

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Intimidate enemy Guardians, reducing their attack.

    • Description: Temporarily weakens the attack strength of enemy Guardians.

  6. Vine Entangle

    • Cost: 2 Mana

    • Effect: Prevent an enemy Guardian from attacking next turn.

    • Description: Binds an enemy Guardian, rendering it unable to attack.

  7. Savage Instinct

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: A Guardian gains attack equal to its HP.

    • Description: Transforms a Guardian's health into offensive power.

  8. Predatory Leap

    • Cost: 5 Mana

    • Effect: Attack an enemy Guardian directly, bypassing others.

    • Description: Enables a direct attack on an enemy Guardian, ignoring frontline defenses.

  9. Natural Resilience

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Make a Guardian immune to spells.

    • Description: Shields a Guardian from being affected by enemy spells.

  10. Feral Awakening

    • Cost: 5 Mana

    • Effect: Boost a Guardian's attack and HP.

    • Description: Significantly enhances a Guardian's combat capabilities.

  11. Wild Growth

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Increase your maximum mana for one turn.

    • Description: Temporarily expands your mana capacity, allowing for more actions.

  12. Nature's Wrath

    • Cost: 6 Mana

    • Effect: Deal damage to all enemy Guardians based on the number of your Guardians.

    • Description: Inflicts widespread damage to enemies, scaling with your Guardian count.

  13. Spirit of the Wild

    • Cost: 5 Mana

    • Effect: Resurrect a random Guardian from the graveyard.

    • Description: Randomly brings back a fallen Guardian to the battlefield.

  14. Herbal Remedy

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Heal a Guardian and remove negative effects.

    • Description: Restores health and cleanses a Guardian of debuffs.

  15. Animal Companion

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Summon a random animal Guardian with unique abilities.

    • Description: Calls forth a beastly ally with special powers.

  16. Overgrowth

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Temporarily increase the HP of all your Guardians.

    • Description: Bolsters the health of all your Guardians for a short period.

  17. Rooted Defense

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Create a barrier that absorbs a set amount of damage.

    • Description: Erects a protective shield to absorb incoming attacks.

  18. Pack Hunt

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Boost attack for each adjacent Guardian.

    • Description: Increases attack power for each neighboring Guardian.

  19. Mystic Howl

    • Cost: 5 Mana

    • Effect: Buff your Guardians and debuff enemy Guardians for one turn.

    • Description: Simultaneously strengthens your Guardians and weakens enemies.

  20. Nature's Bounty

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Draw extra cards based on the number of Guardians you control.

    • Description: Increases card draw proportionally to your Guardian count.

  21. Natural Bond

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Boosts HP of adjacent Wild Faction cards by 3. 2 for Light Alliance.

    • Description: Enhances the health of nearby Wild Faction cards, more so for same faction.

  22. Beastial Aura

    • Cost: 3 Mana

    • Effect: Increases attack of adjacent Wild Faction cards by 3. 2 for Light Alliance.

    • Description: Augments the attack power of nearby Wild Faction cards, with a greater effect for same faction.

  23. Primal Instinct

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Adjacent Wild Faction cards gain 15% critical hit chance. 10% for Light Alliance.

    • Description: Grants nearby Wild Faction cards an increased chance of landing critical hits, slightly less for allied factions.

  24. Forest's Protection

    • Cost: 4 Mana

    • Effect: Reduces spell damage taken by adjacent Wild Faction cards by 2. 1 for Light Alliance.

    • Description: Shields nearby Wild Faction cards from spell damage, offering more protection for same faction.

  25. Savage Empowerment

    • Cost: 5 Mana

    • Effect: Adjacent Wild Faction cards gain 2 life drain. 1 for Light Alliance.

    • Description: Bestows life-draining ability on adjacent Wild Faction cards, with a lesser effect for allied factions.

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