Sorcery (Spells)

Sorcery (Spells)

  1. Mana Burst

    • Mana Cost: 1

    • Effect: Gain an immediate 2 Mana Essence.

    • Illustration: A burst of energy flowing into a mana crystal.

  2. Arcane Bolt

    • Mana Cost: 2

    • Effect: Deals 3 damage to a target enemy Guardian.

    • Illustration: A wizard casting a bolt of pure magical energy.

  3. Healing Wave

    • Mana Cost: 3

    • Effect: Restores 2 HP to all your Guardians.

    • Illustration: A soothing wave of light washing over your Guardians.

  4. Shadow Strike

    • Mana Cost: 2

    • Effect: Deals 2 damage to an enemy Guardian and reduces its attack by 1.

    • Illustration: A dark figure striking from the shadows.

  5. Elemental Fury

    • Mana Cost: 4

    • Effect: Choose an element to deal 4 damage to all enemy Guardians of that element.

    • Illustration: A maelstrom of different elemental energies.

  6. Time Warp

    • Mana Cost: 5

    • Effect: Take an extra turn after this one.

    • Illustration: A clock with its hands spinning rapidly.

  7. Mind Scramble

    • Mana Cost: 3

    • Effect: The opponent discards two random cards.

    • Illustration: A figure clutching its head in confusion.

  8. Nature's Blessing

    • Mana Cost: 2

    • Effect: Increase the HP of one of your Guardians by 3.

    • Illustration: A Guardian being enveloped by a nurturing natural glow.

  9. Inferno

    • Mana Cost: 4

    • Effect: Deals 3 damage to all Guardians on the board.

    • Illustration: A sweeping blaze engulfing the battlefield.

  10. Divine Light

    • Mana Cost: 5

    • Effect: Negates the next enemy spell or ability.

    • Illustration: A radiant shield deflecting a dark spell.

  11. Frost Nova

    • Mana Cost: 3

    • Effect: Freezes all enemy Guardians, preventing them from attacking next turn.

    • Illustration: A wave of frost emanating from a central point.

  12. Thunderclap

    • Mana Cost: 2

    • Effect: Deals 2 damage to a target enemy Guardian and stuns it for one turn.

    • Illustration: A bolt of lightning striking a Guardian.

  13. Astral Projection

    • Mana Cost: 4

    • Effect: View the opponent's hand for the next two turns.

    • Illustration: A figure gazing into a crystal ball showing shadowy figures.

  14. Ethereal Chains

    • Mana Cost: 3

    • Effect: Prevents two target enemy Guardians from moving next turn.

    • Illustration: Ghostly chains binding enemy Guardians.

  15. Mana Drain

    • Mana Cost: 2

    • Effect: Steal 1 Mana Essence from the opponent.

    • Illustration: A mage siphoning energy from a foe.

  16. Ritual of Power

    • Mana Cost: 5

    • Effect: Double the attack of your Guardians for one turn.

    • Illustration: A circle of power amplifying the strength of creatures within.

  17. Veil of Mist

    • Mana Cost: 1

    • Effect: Conceal your next move, making it invisible to the opponent.

    • Illustration: A shrouded figure moving unseen through fog.

  18. Cataclysm

    • Mana Cost: 6

    • Effect: Randomly destroys three enemy Guardians.

    • Illustration: A scene of apocalyptic destruction.

  19. Soul Transfer

    • Mana Cost: 4

    • Effect: Swap the HP of one of your Guardians with an enemy's.

    • Illustration: Two figures with their essences intertwining.

  20. Arcane Shield

    • Mana Cost: 3

    • Effect: Protects your Guardians from the next enemy spell or ability.

    • Illustration: A shimmering barrier surrounding your Guardians.

  21. Elemental Shift

    • Mana Cost: 2

    • Effect: Change the elemental alignment of a Guardian for one turn.

    • Illustration: A Guardian shifting between different elemental forms.

  22. Necrotic Wave

    • Mana Cost: 5

    • Effect: Reduces the HP of all enemy Guardians by 2.

    • Illustration: A wave of dark energy washing over the enemy.

  23. Psychic Scream

    • Mana Cost: 4

    • Effect: Forces the opponent to shuffle their hand into their deck and draw new cards.

    • Illustration: A figure emitting a powerful mental shockwave.

  24. Blessing of the Ancients

    • Mana Cost: 3

    • Effect: Increase the HP and attack of a Guardian by 2.

    • Illustration: An ancient spirit bestowing power upon a Guardian.

  25. Void Collapse

    • Mana Cost: 6

    • Effect: Banish an enemy Guardian from the game.

    • Illustration: A Guardian being swallowed by a dark void.

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